way2value AG provides you with fully-fledged members for your sales staff.

In this framework we elaborate single projects which are perfectly adapted to your infrastructure and which base upon the following services.

The aim is always identical and independent of the resources:

The signed order of the client/partner!

According to your need your team consists of:

Active sales: the classical account manager.

Tele sales: sales of software and service respectively by telephone.

Telemarketing: contacting potential customers by phone with the objective of getting information. This resource can be made available internally by our sales, naturally without additional costs for the client.

Screening: we scan the market (for example via internet) in order to find potential clients.

Channel development: winning potential partner companies with the aim to multiply sales and to produce synergies respectively.

Channel management: channelling and managing business partners for the purpose of a long term success in cooperation.

Back office: relief of sales and marketing.

Legal: The classical attorney or company lawyer for all legal concerns. The aim is a maximum securing in all sectors required.

Training/consulting: project-oriented consultancy/training in the fields named above.

Our team consists in skilled staffers who are all experienced professionals in their field.

These are the valuable advantages of our concept.





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