Interim Management

Interim management is a flexible, short-term executive solution with long-term benefits for organisations and businesses going through change. Over recent years it has become an established executive resource strategy for enterprises and organisations. Many businesses now view interim management as a cost-effective and positive way to obtain highly specialised and valuable leadership skills at a time they are needed most. These skills can have an instrumental effect on a company's sustainability, growth and survival.

In-house Recruitment

We work in such close partnership with you, our clients, that we often take it as far as sitting in your offices and assisting your in-house recruitment team with your specific recruitment needs. We offer a very flexible approach to recruitment and this can be arranged for a specific numbers of hours per week, or it can be for the full working week for a fixed period. We assist in-house in all areas of recruitment, from the pre-screening to on-boarding. We deliver a tailor-made solution to each individual client and your particular recruitment needs. We offer a confidential and ethical approach to recruitment.

We have built strong partnerships with our clients, borne out of trust and confidence.

We also offer complete HR solutions and executive coaching.





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