About way2value AG

way2value AG (short and sweet y2v) was founded in 2005 in Zurich, Switzerland, with the aim to provide sales support for small and medium-sized software and IT services companies.

Even dominators of technology market offering a good cost/performance ratio are quite often submerged by market leaders as SAP, IBM and others and are not properly noticed by their target customers or opposite to market leaders - are even excluded from the start.

The way2value corporation therefore offers professional sales support, particularly with regard to typical target customers: medium-sized companies, but also departments within major enterprises which are about to introduce, adapt or exchange new IT solutions.

Anywhere the budget is tight, but top performance is essential, the team of the way2value corporation will be at your disposal.

The business activities range from classical management consultancy over business development to the implementation and introduction of complex IT solutions. Main focuses are ETL, BI, SCM und CRM and ILM.

Within a dual approach we offer valuable services for end customers as well as for manufacturers.

You are looking for the way to the top? Then you will want to learn more about our end-to-end sales services with activity guarantee.

And to deliver the very best talent and HR solutions to your company, we offer you our Human Resources and recruitment services.

Moreover way2value offers exclusive sales partnership for BI Localizer, the clever 3-click-solution to increase success and effectiveness of your BI und CRM initiatives with Oracle OBIEE and SIEBEL analytics.

By the way: our media and press coverage offers articles, interviews and reports about way2value AG and its management team.





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